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Death of a loved one and selling a house.  Easily the two most stressful things a person could ever go through in their life.  Our probate sales process eliminates the emotional pain of holding on to a property for an extended period of time and always satisfies the Probate Court referee.  By wiping out the holding costs associ...

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Divorce Sales

Selling a house during a divorce can go bad in an instant if it's not handled correctly.  Speed, great results and sensitivity are all required to allow people in a divorce to maintain as much of their sanity as possible.  When people contact us directly or we are referred by an attorney, we actually...

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Short Sales and Pre-Foreclosure

When you think back to the day when you signed your loan documents and you were so happy that you were closing escrow on your soon to be home, did you ever think you would be here today?  Of course not.  No one plans for that?  We don't know a single person who planned on going into foreclosure on their house when they bought it.  So know that everything is going to be..

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Other Court Ordered Sales

Bankruptcy, Judgements, Failed Businesses and Incarceration are some of the reasons why you might be required to sell a house or condo.  Using our quick one day sale method you'll get it over with immediately with no more hassles.  Contact us direclty or have your attorney call.  Either way, we can get it done for you fast.

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After dealing with several attorneys over the years, Anthony decided to make it a focus of his business.  As a result attorneys started referring people to contact Anthony on a regular basis.  As demand grew, Valerie was asked to come aboard to fill the gaps and maintain a high level of service.  We proudly continue to serve the legal community.

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